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Our Services

Consultation and Design

To make sure that we create the right custom furniture for you, we follow a simple, yet effective process that starts with a discussion about your ideas, followed by the creation of an aesthetic design that will make the most of your available space.

We offer a free consultation service, whereby we supply you with a 3D CAD image of your kitchen or custom made furniture, using the latest design software.

All our bespoke furniture is individually designed and all our designs are inspired by the ambience of your home, as well as your requirements.


We can manufacture custom furniture using a wide choice of materials, such as oak, cherry, alder and walnut, as well as finishes, such as different wood stains and lacquered finishes

All custom furniture manufacture takes place at our factory in Mosta, Malta.


At Ezy Fit, we also offer a complete installation service, whereby our in-house installers will make sure that your fitted furniture will be installed perfectly and with minimum disruption to your home. Our installers are not only fully-trained but have many years of experience – their fitting skills are second to none.

Why Choose Us ?

We are always pleased to help our prospective customers make the best possible choices when designing their furniture and we are proud to offer the following reasons why customer choose us…

We’re proud to say that our experience comes from 36 years of hard work in the design, manufacture and installation of custom furniture, especially kitchens. Being committed to excellence from the very start of our family business, has been a hallmark of our success – our reputation has in fact been built by past customers who throughout the years have continuously recommended us to their family and friends.
When choosing Ezy Fit, you can rest assured that our custom furniture is of top quality – it is designed, built and manufactured by experienced, professional personnel using top-grade quality material only. Our aim is simple – we produce dream furniture that is made to last.
Opting for custom furniture from Ezy Fit provides you with a large degree of flexibility in the design and manufacture of your furniture. We start by taking into consideration the space that you have available and present you with a number of options to maximise that space. You will also be presented with a wide range of options in terms of materials and finishes available to make sure that your custom furniture is completely to your liking.